Press Release

April 28, 2022

Lumio Official Statement Regarding the Veto of Florida House Bill 741

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Governor DeSantis’ historic veto saves as many as 52,000 jobs in Florida

LEHI, UTAH (Apr. 28, 2022) - Lumio, the preeminent leader in Home Experience and renewable energy, issued an official statement today regarding the veto of Florida House Bill 741. The bill authorized power utilities to impose additional charges to recover lost revenues resulting from residential solar. It was vetoed by Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

“Homeowners in Florida were spared a significant cost increase thanks to Governor DeSantis’ decisive leadership today,” said Greg Butterfield, CEO at Lumio. “The bill would have been financially crippling for hundreds of thousands of homeowners and could have cost the state tens of thousands of jobs.”

While the legislation has been divisive, some elements make sense across the political spectrum. Whether constituents are conservative and focused on fiscal responsibility and stewardship, or progressive and focused on stemming climate change and social impact, everyone can agree that updating and diversifying our country’s vulnerable grid while saving tax dollars is an excellent idea. Lumio encourages lawmakers to improve legislation in order to make power personal by giving more homeowners access to clean energy technologies, such as rooftop solar, which can reduce monthly electricity bills, decentralize the power supply, reduce demand on the power grid, and build in protection against outages.

Lumio representatives immediately reached out to executives at Florida Power & Light in an effort to work together in designing Florida’s power production strategy. “Working closely with the power company to support homeowners and diversify power generation is key for Florida’s future,” said Brian Schonbeck, COO at Lumio. “We look forward to power production and storage programs that will update the grid, benefit homeowners, and strengthen FP&L’s  ability to service our combined customers and millions of Floridians.”

“We’re grateful to Governor DeSantis for giving energy freedom and innovation a chance in Florida and for providing Lumio time to work on a mutually beneficial solution for Florida Power & Light’s customers. We anticipate working closely with political leaders and power company officials to develop the future of power in the great state of Florida,” said Butterfield.