Making Power Personal

Lumio’s mission is decentralizing outmoded power structures. We work to inspire people to live more purposeful lives and utilize the abundant energy of the sun. Flip the switch on how you create, store, and utilize your own energy at home.

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It's time. Friendzone your power company.

When they have all the power, you lose

Increasing rates, rolling blackouts, the outdated grid, pollution—it’s time we make this relationship less one-sided. It’s time to get back your power.

Renewable Solar

Solar can be overwhelming; hardware, design, financing, installation, permitting, inspection, tax incentives—it’s a lot.

Lumio makes it easy (we help thousands of people get solar every month).

Ready to friendzone your power company?

Lumio is here to help you get back your power—with solar

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Sincere Sustainability

We’re the first generation to precisely study climate change and we’re probably the last generation that can do anything about it.

— Greg Butterfield.

At a time when officials are focused on the country’s over-taxed electrical grid and infrastructure, Lumio is already delivering solutions that decentralize power, elevate communities, and provide authentic sustainability.

Home Intelligence

Lumio technology connects disparate systems, configures scenes, optimizes services, and provides protection—a unified platform for every family’s biggest investment, their home.

Failure Prediction

Thanks to its unparalleled data platform, Lumio identifies and addresses problems before they become catastrophic for homeowners—saving families nationwide millions of dollars every year.

Property Protection

Lumio’s active sensors protect the home from external threats so homeowners rest confidently knowing that their home is secure. Lumio’s internal sensors guard against flooding, electrical surges and more.

It's like couples counseling for your power bill.

Most customers save money every month by switching to Lumio. It's easy once you've left your toxic relationship behind (see what we did there?)

Let's get your power back.

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