We’re on a mission to make power personal

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Solar power is personal power

Imagine not being reliant on a multi-national corporation for your daily electrical needs—things like heat, AC, lighting, connectivity, and entertainment. When your home can create and store its own power you’ll save money, have more reliable access to electricity, enjoy better options for electric vehicle charging and other tech upgrades, and support sincere sustainability.

Personal power is the answer

Producing and storing your own power is the solution

At a time when officials are focused on the country’s over-taxed electrical grid and infrastructure, Lumio is already delivering solutions that decentralize power, elevate communities, and provide authentic sustainability.

We were built from the town up. 


Lumio views sustainability like you do. Humanity doesn't have to go to extreme measures to make a difference. We just need to be consistent and effective.


Founded and lead by experienced leaders who are always focused on your best interests.


In your neighborhood, at your doorstep, in your home, on your roof, and over the phone, we hold the highest standards.

Why now?

Energy prices are skyrocketing, and solar rates are holding steady, so every day you wait you're potentially losing money.

Our teams are standing by to help

Qualified customers can switch to Lumio Solar with no money down and no payments until after your system is installed.