Press Release

November 23, 2021

Lumio Names David Burggraaf as Chief Technology Officer

Picture of David Burggraaf with the text, " We are thrilled to welcome David Burggraaf Chief Technology Officer.

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH (Nov. 23, 2021) - Lumio, a Top-Five U.S. solar provider, and preeminent leader in Home Experience, today announced the addition of David Burggraaf as chief technology officer. Burggraaf will oversee technology and software engineering.

Burggraaf brings nearly 30 years of global enterprise technology experience including 20 years in senior leadership positions at Adobe Workfront, Instructure, FamilySearch, and Microsoft. At Microsoft, he led the Visual C++ business—the product utilized to create more than 95% of the software industry’s revenue at the time. Most recently, David led Workfront as CTO, developing the technology that drove the company’s growth and acquisition by Adobe last December.

With a rapidly growing software stack, Lumio offers software solutions for solar energy creation and management, home services, and more. Lumio’s product suite is designed to meet the demand of millions of households nationwide. And with Burggraaf as CTO, Lumio gains a strategic advantage in creating the environment that will bring together top-tier talent and develop technology and engineering leadership to deliver on Lumio’s promise to elevate the Home Experience.

“David knows how to cultivate the space where engineers thrive,” said Lumio CEO, Greg Butterfield. “Great engineers love shipping great products, especially great products that meaningfully impact lives. That’s what David has been doing his entire career. At Lumio he’ll  help create the positive and impactful opportunities that aspiring and experienced engineers might never encounter again.”

Burggraaf brings his expertise and leadership to Lumio during a time of unprecedented growth for the company. With skyrocketing energy prices and the demand for renewable energy sources, the company’s software platforms will continue to scale to meet market demand. Lumio leadership is investing heavily in developing revolutionary software to drive innovation in customer experience and make work easier for employees.

“David can lead a world-class technology org and still demonstrate the kindness and genuine care that lifts and inspires everyone around him,” said Lumio chief experience officer, Jared Fitch. “His leadership style promotes opportunity and growth for each team member and an environment that’s engaging and hyper-focused on solving meaningful problems with brilliant tech.”
Lumio’s vision to decentralize power, elevate communities, and deliver Earth’s best Home Experience is well-suited for Burggraaf. “Lumio aligns with my personal mission to try and make the world a better place,” said Burggraaf. “I’ve always had a passion for making a difference through unconventional business models and advanced technology, and I am excited to be a part of Lumio as we elevate and inspire people and their communities.”