Getting Solar Approval

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What everyone asks about permitting 

Dealing with the government is nobody's idea of a good time. So'kay we've got you covered. Lumio handles the permitting process for you.

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Panels are installed, now what?

Even more approvals.. 

Once your panels are installed, there are still a number of approvals that have to be received.

Both the city (or county), and the power company will need to perform an inspection before your system can start producing energy.

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Let's flip the big switch and turn the system on.

What about your HOA?

Your home owners association might require your solar to pass an approval process. Here's what you should know about your HOA and solar.

Permits made easier

Lumio files for construction permits with your city (or county) before panels are installed on your roof. Want to learn more about permitting?

Passing final inspection

Final inspections can be intimidating. Because Lumio helps thousands of homeowners every month, our installers know what it takes to do it right. Read more about being prepared for final inspections.

Permission to operate

Once inspections are complete, you'll receive permission to operate your system. Learn about that process and what happens after your system is active.

Our teams are standing by to help

Qualified customers can switch to Lumio Solar with no money down and no payments until after your system is installed.