The Final Step: Permission to Operate/Power On

Ground Control to Major Tom: Commencing Countdown...Panels, ON.

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by Caroline Nurse
3 min read - Published on 05/10/2022

You made it! PTO is the moment you have been waiting for! This is a common acronym in the solar industry that stands for Permission to Operate. This is the moment when all the inspections are done, permits are filed and you are allowed to start producing clean, wonderful energy for your home! We recommend popping a bottle and celebrating like its 1999 and your life has been changed, forever.

Your freshly installed solar system has been inspected by both a licensed electrician and the utility company, and you have a brand new smart meter installed to measure exactly how much clean energy you are using and producing. Your shiny, new solar system has already started cranking out the kWs. It's a beautiful thing.

You are now using clean, decentralized energy—that you will eventually own outright—and saving money on your energy costs along the way. Feels pretty good to stand at that finish line, right? Take a deep breath and enjoy that limitless, clean energy.

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The PTO Process

Ok, let's rewind a few days.

After you have signed your agreement with Lumio, approved your design, and received your permits, we will set up a time to install your new solar system on your property. Most homes can be done in a day!

The next few steps help keep you, your home, and our installation crews safe. A licensed electrician will come to your home and inspect the work that Lumio has completed. This is a necessary checks-and-balances system set up to ensure everyone’s safety. Don’t worry—all Lumio installers are trained, certified professionals.

The utility company will come by next to inspect the solar system and install a brand new smart meter which will begin to track exactly how much power your solar system is creating, and also how much power you are using. The final and most exciting step is having the power turned on.

Do I Need To Be Connected to the Grid?

Great question. There are many benefits to remaining connected to the local power grid. When connected to your local grid, your solar system will work without any backup battery equipment, and you can take advantage of net metering.

We have an entire article about the pros and cons of connecting to the grid right here: check it out!

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The Benefits of PTO

Once that sweet solar system gets turned on it's time for you to sit back and reap the rewards of your decision to switch to solar and take your power into your own hands. You should start to see savings right away, and you'll know exactly how much to expect to pay each month ahead of time if you financed your solar system.

  • Monthly savings
  • Fixed costs with financing
  • Selling your power back with net metering
  • Clean energy
  • Energy independence

The most exciting moment of the entire solar purchasing process is the moment that your power is turned on and you start seeing those kilowatts on the net meter. You will be the proud owner of your very own decentralized power plant right on your roof—minus all the coal burning. No more tiered rates or unplanned price hikes.

Congratulations—you have the power now. Cheers!