Thousands of homeowners are making power personal with Lumio

An old power plant.

Because when the utility company has all the power, you lose

Increasing rates, rolling blackouts, the outdated grid, pollution—it’s time we make this relationship less one-sided.

It’s time to get back your power.

What personal power means for your home

When your home creates and stores its own power, everything changes

  • Save money every month
  • Protect your home from grid issues like power outages
  • Eliminate CO2 emissions
  • Take advantage of tax credits
  • Become more energy independent
  • Avoid energy price rate increases
  • Enjoy clean efficient power for decades to come!
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is better

An old computer mainframe.

Centralized: Old

centralized computing

50 years ago there were hardly any computers—a single computer would fill an entire building and could only do simple calculations. To use one you had to rent time and access.

That’s a lot like coal-fired power plants. With the power company, you’re renting dirty power, created in a centralized location that isn’t efficient or very effective.

A laptop.

Personal: New

personal computing

When the world finally decentralized computers and made them available to everyone (i.e., personal computers) everything changed. Suddenly we had computers more powerful than all the Apollo missions combined—on our wrists!

What personal power
means for humanity

As more of us switch from centralized power (coal-fired power plants) to decentralized power (residential solar with battery backup) we’ll finally unlock the potential of personal power.

Imagine a future where we’re no longer concerned about the vulnerability of the grid, or ever-increasing utility costs, or the massive environmental impact of coal-fired power plants. Imagine a future where multinational corporations no longer set the price for our everyday necessities.

And most importantly, imagine a future where power supply is always enough for the technologies that drive our lives.

Discover how you can be part of the movement with a solar personal power plan for your home.

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