Power Company

Solar and the power company

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Everything you need to know about solar offset.

How much power do my panels need to generate to break even? What if my system produces too much power? 

Turns out a little too much of a good thing might be just about right. 

Connecting my system to the grid

Your local Power Company has always been there for you. Well, off and on. They've mostly been there. Intermittently. 

And they still have a super important role to play—deep in the Friendzone.

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Boundaries. Equal Opportunities. Respect. Freedom.

Evaluate your savings with solar

1 is the loneliest number. When it comes to solar, two bills are better than one. Sometimes math is funny like that. 

The basics of Net Metering

It’s time for that extra solar power you generate to start contributing to the family finances. Earn, baby. Earn.

How much does your energy cost?

Turns out buying and burning Coal is expensive. Who knew, besides everyone? Let’s get heavy.

Answer: What's a kilowatt?

And other fun facts that will come in handy during your next Solar Power-themed trivia night!

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