Press Release

September 9, 2021

Lumio Names Greg Butterfield
Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Greg Butterfield.

Butterfield has helped build over twenty companies with significant exits and advised dozens more to realized ROI and profitable acquisitions. This appointment leverages Butterfield’s matchless experience and leadership style to drive Lumio’s success.

SILICON SLOPES, Utah (Sept. 09, 2021) (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lumio, the preeminent leader in Home Experience, announced today that Chairman and Founder Greg Butterfield has been appointed as chief executive officer (CEO). Butterfield has led numerous waves of tech innovation, including the decentralization of computing, and will again drive a similar transformation in the energy industry as CEO of Lumio. The company is increasing demand for renewables and decentralizing energy production, storage, and management. With this appointment, Lumio is positioned to meet that rapid increase in demand and realize its ambitious vision.

“When we talk about decentralizing power, like we did with decentralized computing, what we’re actually doing is making power very personal for millions of households across the country. We work every day to elevate the Home Experience with brilliant tech to improve and protect our customers’ most personal spaces and assets,” said Butterfield.

Butterfield has previously led twelve companies past the $1 Billion valuation mark and directed, invested in, and sold dozens of tech companies. He is the founder of SageCreek Partners, an advisory and investment firm focused on early-stage technology companies. Before SageCreek, he served in multiple executive-level operating positions within transformative tech firms, including taking two companies public as CEO (Altiris, Vivint Solar). Butterfield was inducted into the Utah Technology Hall of Fame in 2009. He was also the winner of the 2002 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and served as the Utah Information Technology Association chairman from 2003 to 2005. Butterfield spent several years as a Board of Trustee member for Utah Valley University and Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees.

“Lumio is already on track for a first full-year run rate to $1Billion in sales,” said Lumio’s chief experience officer, Jared Fitch. “We are dead-set on reaching our vision to create Earth’s best home experience and elevate communities with more personal power. We’re scaling quickly but deliberately. Greg may be the most uniquely qualified person to lead Lumio. He knows tech, sales, renewables, finance, M&A, Wall Street—and most importantly—he cares deeply about people and each customer’s personal experience with the company. I’ve seen Greg hammer home multi-billion dollar deals in a middle-of-the-night board meeting and be at a dying teammate's bedside first thing in the morning. With the crew we’ve put together and Greg at the helm, there’s no new shore we can’t reach.”

Lumio offers families the power to be self-reliant, make homeownership and improvements more accessible and manageable, and provides the technology and funding platforms to help people become better stewards of their own lives and the earth.

Lumio tech connects disparate systems, optimizes services, and provides a unified platform for every family’s personal space and most significant investment—their home. Active sensors and intelligent software protect the home from external threats so homeowners confidently know their place and family are secure. Additional sensors guard against flooding, electrical surges, and more. Using its unique data platform, Lumio identifies and addresses problems before they become catastrophic for homeowners—saving families nationwide millions of dollars every year.

“My personal vision statement is to be a good husband, a good dad, and a good friend while being the best version of myself and helping others be the best versions of themselves. Lumio aligns perfectly with this vision,” said Butterfield. “Lumio is the future of Home Experience, and we’ll never stop trying to BE better, and DO better, and create a sincerely sustainable tomorrow.”