Press Release

October 17, 2023

Lumio Launches Portable Power Products

LEHI, Utah (Oct. 17, 2023) (PRNewswire) -- Lumio, a leader in personalized renewable energy, announced today the launch of portable products for consumers around the nation, bringing mobile power right to customers' fingertips. With these new products, Lumio is making power even more personal for its customers.

From portable solar generators to rooftop panels, Lumio's product offerings provide a sustainable and convenient solution for powering devices on-the-go and in the home, allowing consumers to discover the possibilities of renewable power.

"As we expand our product offerings, we continue to emphasize the decentralization and personalization of power for individuals and families nationwide," said Greg Butterfield, founder and CEO at Lumio. "In a time when society is advancing towards electrification and a more sustainable future, it's crucial for consumers to be in control of their own energy."

Lumio's product stack provides energy options that harness the clean and abundant energy of the sun. By offering a range of products suitable for various lifestyles and needs, Lumio ensures that every customer can find a power solution that fits their unique requirements.

"Lumio has been making power personal for thousands of homeowners coast to coast as it works to provide greener energy for everyone," said Carine Clark, Chief Experience Officer at Lumio. "Now, with more affordable and accessible products, more consumers can be empowered to find energy solutions that meet their needs."

Lumio aims to empower individuals to take control of their energy needs and embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. By providing customers with access to high-quality portable power products, Lumio is helping to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and promote the use of clean and renewable energy.