Executive Profiles

Lumio Leadership

To be the company our customers want us to be, it takes an eclectic group passionate about the customer experience. Get to know the people leading the way at Lumio.

Greg Butterfield
Brian Schonbeck
Chief Operating Officer
David Burggraaf
Chief Technology Officer
Jared Fitch
Chief Experience Officer
Shawn Brenchley
Chief Sales Officer
Lacy Anderson
SVP of Sales Operations
Yumi Schade
SVP of Strategic Operations
David Schonberg
Chief Strategy Officer
Oscar Luna
SVP of Sales
Judd Stanger
SVP of Sales
John Bankhead
SVP of Operations
Jordan Mehlhoff
SVP of Sales
Rex Schade
SVP of Sales
Kevin Copeland
SVP of Business Development
Jan Newman
SVP of Business Development
Wendell Laidley
Chief Financial Officer
Wade Bitter
Chief Accounting Officer
Travis Wilson
General Counsel

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