The 25 Year Warranty is Included, Standard.

Things happen. We’ve got you covered. 

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by Alex Kelleher
5 min read - Published on 05/10/2022

9125 days. That’s 25 years.

We’ve been there, too. The stress that comes with making big decisions—it’s real—and switching to solar is definitely one of those decisions you’ll never forget. You want to make sure you get it right. We’ll help you make sense of the financial part of it, and design the perfect system for your situation, but it’s still a big decision. Knowing your system is covered under warranty for the next two and a half decades should help a little!

Warranties on your solar equipment protect you from bearing the financial impact of your system breaking or having problems that are out of your control. After purchasing a solar system, the last thing you want is to be stuck holding the bag to fix some random faulty inverter. No thank you.

Better Ingredients. Better Solar.

Here at Lumio, we use panels and inverters that come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. If you add a battery backup to your solar contract, those batteries come with a ten-year manufacturer warranty. When we say we want to help you make your power personal, we mean it, which is why we make sure your panels last you at least 25 years.

We stand behind our installation and equipment, and take care of you if any issues arise with your residential solar system. And with Lumio, we’re built from the town up so you can rest assured knowing we’ll be around the corner, even 20 years down the line. We’re always just a phone call away whenever you need us.

Don’t let the thought of future maintenance bills keep you up at night. Sometimes weird things happen, but our warranties are designed to protect you from those unforeseen repair costs, and that’s exactly what will happen if problems come up down the line. We’ve got you covered.

Why Are Warranties Important?

  • Keeps your system operational for years
  • Limits your financial responsibility
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Guarantees the output of your solar components for 25 years
  • Covers your home in the case of faulty installation work
Lumio Installer standing in front of completed home with customer signing a form.

Manufacturers’ Warranties

Most solar panel manufacturers offer two types of warranties: one for the product and one for the power output. Product warranties protect against defects with the product itself, such as mechanical issues, or faulty components. Power warranties protect against the decreased efficiency of the panel in producing energy. As with most technology, solar panels can wear down and slowly become less efficient as the decades go by. However, if that loss of efficiency exceeds normal levels (around or less than 1% per year), the manufacturer’s power warranty will take effect.

Inverter warranties vary slightly and are dependent on the type of inverter used on your solar system. All our solar battery manufacturers warranty their batteries for 10 years. However, there are many other factors that go into the warranty such as the number of cycles, end of warranty capacity rating, and throughput.

Where to Get Warranty Information

If you are already part of the Lumio family, you should have received information about your system’s warranty as part of your welcome packet. Normally, warranties are a popular subject for homeowners considering switching to solar and are always discussed before any contract is ever signed. If you need help just give us a ring and we’ll be happy to send over any information you’re looking for.

What To Do If I Need Warranty Work Done?

If you’ve noticed an issue with your energy production from your solar panels, give us a call. We’ll probably ask:

  • What does the issue seem to be?
  • How long have you noticed the issue?
  • Does the issue occur intermittently?

We’ll do our best to diagnose the issue over the phone with you, but we may need to send a technician out to pinpoint the issue. We will work with you and the manufacturer to take steps to resolve the problem and get you back on track.

Our Warranty

At Lumio, we believe in empowering every homeowner with the knowledge and assurances needed to make the switch to solar and start producing truly personal power. By sourcing quality materials from ethical companies who stand behind their products, we’re proud to commit to helping you resolve any future issues with your system for a long time to come.

Whether you are in the market for solar and want more information on our warranty program or are a current Lumio customer with questions about your system’s warranty, reach out to our team and we will be happy to provide you with any information you need.

Make the Switch

Switching to solar is a big decision. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of any applicable warranties so you can feel confident in your decision. If you have any questions about the warranty program here at Lumio, get in touch with one of our solar experts today!