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Lumio's Vision

Our vision is to be the leading

provider of state-of-the-art optical

multi-touch components,

panels, overlays and monitors for

large screens at cost effective prices.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to design Optical Touch

Solutions for high-volume

manufacturing that deliver the most

cost-effective, accurate and high

performance multi touch products

for OEM's, ODM's and Integrators.

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Why Optical Touch

Optical Touch is the superior multi touch option

providing unparalleled accuracy, response time,

clarity, reliabililty and durability.

Any object such as a finger, gloved hand and

stylus will register with speed and accuracy.

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Lumio offers kits, panels, overlays and monitors for high quality, cost effective and scalable optical touch solutions.








Lumio develops fast, accurate and cost effective Optical Touch solutions for OEMs, ODMs and Integrators.

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Upcoming Events

New VP of Sales for North America

Lumio is proud to announce the appointments of Greg Keys as VP Sales for North America and Tom Basilone as North American Sales Coordinator. Click here to read our full press release.