Emergency & Disaster Relief

In times of emergency, accessing your personal power is critical.

Lumio is here to help light the way towards recovery.

Natural disasters are devastating. Recovering your personal power is our top priority.

We are thankful you are safe and survived Hurricane Ian's devastation.
To help you recover and start rebuilding, we've created a weather and severe storm frequently asked questions resource.

Not sure where to start?

We've got your back.

Rebuilding can be overwhelming. We are here to help you move towards recovery.

1. What do I do if my system is damaged or affected by weather/storm?

●  First, make sure to take pictures of any and all damages incurred.
●  Please contact your homeowners insurance company via phone or online to start a claim for your home damages. You will want to have your policy number available for your provider to best assist you.
●  Once your claim has been processed, contact us to get the repairs/replacement scheduled at 888-586-4649 or email at customercare@lumio.com.
●  Lastly, for the safety of our customers and employees; please ensure you manually disconnect the power from your breaker to your solar system to avoid injury or damage.

To disconnect your solar PV system from the grid:

1.  Locate the Knife Switch Disconnect on the exterior of your home near your meter.
2.  Pull the Knife Switch Disconnect handle down to the “OFF” position, to disconnect your solar PV system from the grid.

2. Will my system power my home in the event of an outage?

●  Most solar systems have to remain grid connected (mainly for safety purposes) and will not power your home in the event of an outage. A battery backup or generator would be needed in these events to power your home.
●  Here is a great resource for troubleshooting your system during an outage:
Power Outage Tips and Troubleshooting. (Note: some troubleshooting does require internet and/or mobile phone access.)

3. I have a battery backup and it is not turning on. What should I do?

●  This can be very frustrating and we apologize for the inconvenience. A breaker reset is the most common thing needed in this event.
●  To reset your battery breakers follow the steps outlined here:

Step 1:  Locate the Enpower unit on the exterior wall

Step 2:  Release cover latches to expose breakers and deadfront.
Step 3:  Check battery LEDs to make sure they are on before attempting to reset the battery breakers.
Note: if LEDs are off contact us at 888-586-4649 or email at customercare@lumio.com to have your battery reset.

Step 4:  Try resetting the two leftside breakers circled in the EnPhase (Enpower) smart unit, by flipping them to the off position, then flipping them back on.

●  Each battery will have a deadfront cover on it, so it will look differently.

●  Deadfront means “behind the cover without live parts exposed to a person on the operating side of the equipment” and it ensures the component is not electrically live and does not have the potential to become live. The deadfront protects you from the stored energy.

If resetting the breakers does not work, contact us at 888-586-4649 or customercare@lumio.com so we can work to schedule service for you asap.

4. What if my homeowners insurance provider declined my claim and/or won’t cover my solar system damages?

●  Unfortunately, we can not control the decisions of the insurance company, but we will work with you on purchasing any replacement equipment and/or repairs. Contact us at 888-586-4649 or email at customercare@lumio.com to get service scheduled asap.
●  Make sure to take pictures of any and all damages incurred so we can better service you.

5. How long does service take to be completed?

●  This will vary depending on several variables including, but not limited to: severity of damages, amount of damages to service in your area, the amount of time your insurance provider takes to process your claim, our service availability within your area, time it may take to receive materials to service your system, and other unpredictable variables.
●  We thank you for your patience and understanding during these unfortunate events and will work to service your solar system as quickly as we can.

Remember: You Are Not Alone.

Lumio is here to help and together we'll light the way to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Lumio team members are already working with local Florida communities, to help restore and clean-up the aftermath of Ian's destruction.
Details on their efforts can be found at LoveLumio.org, our 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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