Switching to Solar: Your Total Savings

Compare Your Old Utility Bills With Your Current Solar Payment and Find Out How Much You Save 

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Society is quickly adopting and accepting solar energy as they understand the value that comes from owning your own, clean source of personal power. Solar is at the forefront of the renewable industry as the most accessibly and efficient way for homeowners to take control of their energy. 

While every individual homeowner may have their own motivation to switch to solar, all benefit from the savings solar brings. Curious if solar can make a difference in your budget? You’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the comparison between your current power bill and what is possible with solar. 

Utility Bill

You know the dread of opening your power bill each month to see how much you owe the power company. Or maybe you’ve learned over the years to just expect a high bill. Either way, the bill comes and you pay it so your power doesn’t get shut off. 

Over time with every new device, appliance, or fancy new toy your energy usage slowly starts to grow. Factor in the constant rate hikes and fees thrown your way by the power company and you've got yourself a mess. 

Energy is expensive. And it's probably only going up from here. 

But there is a better way. 

Say goodbye to rate increases, tiered or surge pricing. Say, "hello!" to lower, fixed, predictable payments that over time will completely pay off your solar system and eliminate most or all of your energy costs completely. 

Solar Bill

Depending on how you decide to finance your system, your monthly solar payment can replace your power bill entirely, or at least make it cost less than a pair of fake Crocs from Walmart. If you finance your system with a solar loan, your power bill turns into a loan payment that goes towards the cost of your solar system.

The energy that is produced will provide you with the energy you need to power your home, and any excess power will be sent back to the grid and shared with your neighbors. Your current utility may even issue a credit for any power you send back to the power grid. This is called Net Metering and it's a pretty rad program. Read more about it here.

What's left?

Depending on how much energy you end up needing from the grid throughout the month (think about keeping the fridge cool during those times when the sun don't shine), you'll still end up with a small power bill--but with the earned net metering credits from selling your excess power back to the utility company that bill should be pretty small. 

Real life 4th grade math word problem:

Bob was paying $200 a month for power. Bob switches to solar. Now Bob has a monthly solar payment of $120, and a power bill of $50 for the energy pulled from the grid. During the month Bob earned $40 in credits for the power he sent back to the grid, too. How much did Bob end up paying for his energy?

$120+$50-$40= $130.

That’s a steal compared to the $200 you used to pay, Bob!

While this is just an example, most solar owners do save 20-40% every month in real-life. 

Easy Comparison

Once you get a custom solar quote, it will be simple to compare the cost of solar with your current power bill. You will also see how much energy your system will produce and how it will look on your roof. 

With the cost of coal-fired power increasing, switching to a fixed solar payment instead of a power bill gives you the power you need with a lower monthly payment which will save you thousands of dollars across the life of your system. Our average solar customer will save over $100 per month on their bill--that's like $30k over the life of the system!

Learn More

Switching to solar is a big investment, and you probably have questions. Get in touch with one of Lumio’s solar experts today to get all the details you need to make an informed decision.

To find out exactly how much you can save, get a custom quote that breaks down what your monthly cost will be with solar click the button below and let's get cranking.

Qualified customers can switch to solar with no money down and no payments until after your system is installed. Give one of our solar experts a call today at +1.888.586.4649

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