shutterstock 146351186. resizedgifFast, Accurate and Cost-Effective

Transform your screens with our vibrant Optical Touch technology. Extremely accurate with crystal clear resolution and cost effective, Lumio's CrystalTouchTM Optical Touch technology enables you to easily create interactive touch solutions.

Our optical sensors located in the corners of the screen detects a touch event on the screen from multiple angles, resulting in a high degree of accuracy. No contact pressure is required and no special protection is needed.

Multi-touch: Our Optical Touch enables 6 simultaneous precise touches. Any object such as a finger, glove or pen will register a touch event.     

Cost-effective: Optical Touch technology enables you to economically add touch to your display, especially for large screens. 

Optical - The Superior Touch Solution

Optical touch is the preferred touch solution due to its high performance and clarity, robustness, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Click here for a comparison of touch technologies.

touch operation 4  How it Works

Four synchronized optical sensors located in the corners of the screen register any object on the surface interrupting the infra-red light source emitted in a plane across the surface of the screen.

A controller board receives signals from the optical sensors, and then using sophisticated algorithms, calculates the position of the touch event with extreme accuracy.