Develop and protect

Lumio's main focus is to acquire a strong and extensive patent portfolio by capitalizing and building on the initial developments and designs for virtual data input. Since its inception in 2000, Lumio's patent portfolio has grown to include issued and pending patents on a variety of sensing technologies, the design and fabrication of miniature sensing modules and micro-projector technology for general purpose virtual interfaces. Today, Lumio's IP has been licensed to market leaders around the globe in applications varying from automotive, white goods, consumer electronics, medical devices and touch screen manufacturers and system integrators.

Our investors and board of directors support our decision to dedicate a substantial part of our budget for intellectual property protection. Our team of researchers, led by Dr. Klony Lieberman, focuses on continuously developing new methods of improving the reliability, cost and miniaturization of our components as well as researching break-through methods of data input and output.


To view our complete IP portfolio please, see the attached file.