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Lumio offers the following optical touch products with our Crystal Touch® technology, enabling you to integrate and mass produce high quality, cost-effective, elegant and scalable touch screens  ranging from 17" up to 85":

Kits: Sensors, Active Barrier, controller and cables.
Panels: Kit and glass integration.

We will provide the training and equipment in order to facilitate and enhance the integrationprocess:


Lumio will provide instruction to fully train and qualify integrators. Lumio Certification: Upon completing the training program, we will provide a certificate of completion, qualifying trainees as authorised Lumio integrators.  
A refresher course will take place every 6 months.

Dedicated Manufacturing Equipment

Lumio offers the following specialised and precise manufacturing tools empowering you to to accurately integrate optical touch panels on a large scale:

Adjustable Assembly Jig:

Assemble scalable panels from 17"-70" with our Adjustable Assembly Jig.

Fixed Assembly Jig:

Assemble fixed size panels with our Fixed Jig.