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Global Presence

Due to the global scope of operations, Lumio has established world-wide business relationships with a mixture of sale representatives, independent agents, and assembly partners.

Our association with affiliated partners enables us to localize our business, and to take advantage of our associates' intimate knowledge of their market place. Our network also allows us to cut costs and increase efficiency, by eliminating transportation costs, reducing delivery times and enhancing support for customers. 

Assembly Partners

Lumio's assembly partners assemble and integrate on LCD, LED and Plasma Monitors. Lumio provides instruction for all integrators, in order to ensure quality performance.
The following assembly partners and integrators collaborate with Lumio: 

Premio is based in Los Angeles and Chicago

Assist  is based in Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China

APEK  is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chilin are based in China

Pine Graphics  are based in Seoul, South Korea

Okano is based in Dongguan City, China

Sovatro is based in Istanbul, Turkey

Life Interactive  is based in Moscow, Russia



You Touch Technologies are based in Melbourne, Australia 
The following representatives work with Lumio:
GPEG is based in Munich, Germany
Interactive Box is based in Trieste, Italy
PopUP TV is based in Santiago, Chile
Primeview is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and NY, USA