Freddy Raitan, President and CEO

Combining a prestigious education in business and engineering with extensive global experience in management and enterprises, Mr. Freddy Raitan brings proven capabilities to Lumio.Between getting an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering, Magna Cum Laude (V.D.) from Boston University, Mr. Raitan became an associate at the Investment Banking Department of Dean Witter (Morgan Stanley) in New York.He was later hired to lead the re-structuring of the Sagaz Group, a major Automotive Accessories Manufacturer in Miami, doubling sales and margins by expanding product lines and international distribution. The company was later sold to Pennzoil (NYSE:PZL).Mr. Raitan then purchased and managed a €120 million edible oil company in Spain which he merged six years later with Sovena from Portugal creating the Sovena Group, a €600 million multinational consumer products’ company with distribution in over 35 countries and operations in Brazil, USA, Spain, and Portugal. Under his leadership, sales grew five-fold including Mergers & Acquisitions, while increasing cash flow tenfold with synergies and operating efficiencies. Until accepting his current position of CEO at Lumio Inc., Mr. Raitan had interests in Global Investments and worked as a Consultant and Board Advisor to various corporations. Mr. Raitan is fluent in English and Spanish and speaks Hebrew.



Klony Lieberman, CTO

Since joining Lumio at its inception, Klony has been responsible for research and development activities as well as maintaining and growing the company’s IP portfolio. Prior to joining Lumio, he was co-founder and CTO of the Nanonics group of companies where he oversaw the development of the world’s first commercial near-field scanning optical microscope. Klony is an expert in advanced optical imaging techniques and has 20 years’ experience in optical system design and manufacture. He has authored over 40 scientific papers in the world’s leading journals and holds numerous patents and received his PhD in Applied Physics and Electro-Optics.