Harris Toibb, Chairman

In 1982, Mr. Toibb founded, was the chief executive officer, member of the Board and a principal shareholder of Applause, Inc., a multinational company engaged in the licensing, sale, and distribution of gift items worldwide, which he sold in 1988.

After the sale of Applause, Mr. Toibb founded and continues to be the chairman of the board, chief executive officer and owner of Toibb Investment LLC, a private equity fund which provides strategic and operating direction to numerous companies which are public and privately-held, spanning numerous industry sectors across the world in order to assist companies and their investors in achieving corporate objectives through capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, other forms of debt and equity funding. Mr. Toibb also founded and continues to be the chairman of the board, chief executive officer and principal owner of Toibb Enterprises, a company that owns and operates approximately two million square feet of prime commercial real estate. 

As a result of his investment activities primarily through Toibb Investment LLC, Mr. Toibb has increased his direct participation in leading edge technology ventures, by, among other things, becoming (a) the principal shareholder and chairman of the board of Lumio Inc  (b) a founder and principal shareholder of Aqua Sciences, Inc.(a developer of innovative water technologies) and (c) the principal shareholder and the chairman of the board of directors of MashON, Inc. (the developer of the MashON Platform, an interactive suite of e-commerce tools).

Jason Barzilay, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Argoquest

Mr. Barzilay's foresight and vision have been central in the founding and success of several high-tech companies over his 23 years in the high tech industry. He founded his first company, Cal-Circuit Sales, shortly after his graduation from college. Cal-Circuit Sales was a Los Angeles distributor of computer memory products to US companies and medical institutions. In 1983, he merged his company with Abco Sales, owned by Alex Sandel and Beny Alagem, to form Cal-Circuit Abco, Inc (Cal-Abco). In the early 1980's Cal-Abco became the largest independent distributor of computer peripherals and memory chips in the United States, reaching more than 700 million dollars in sales. The company sold to computer dealers, system integrators, VARS and VADS.

In 1986, Mr. Barzilay and his two partners founded the Packard Bell, Inc., a manufacturer of personal computers for the home. By the early 1990's, Packard Bell was recognized as one of the fastest growing computer companies, and by the mid-1990's Packard Bell was the #1 computer sold in private homes. Packard Bell was sold in over 8,000 retail outlets in the United States and in over 120 countries, reaching more than 6 billion dollars in sales (accumulating to about 50% of the retail channel).

In 1993, Mr. Barzilay and his partners founded Reveal, a company that distributed computer peripherals and upgrades. Mr. Barzilay was Reveal's Chief Executive Officer. Reveal's products were in every major computer retailer in the US and Europe and after just three years of business, Reveal was projected to do well over $200 Million in Sales.

In 1996, Packard Bell purchased the Zenith Corporation from Groupe Bull of France and all of NEC's worldwide computer business, excluding Japan to form the Packard Bell/NEC Corporation. In 1998, Mr. Barzilay resigned from the Board of Directors of Packard Bell/NEC.

Deciding to pursue his life-long vision of simplifying the computing experience and enhancing communications, Mr. Barzilay founded the private venture capital firm Argoquest in 1997. Since, Argoquest's creation, Mr. Barzilay has hand picked over 47 revolutionary start-up companies to add to the Argoquest portfolio. Mr. Barzilay is actively involved in the strategic planning and direction of each of Argoquest's companies and is a Board member of many of the Argoquest companies. Mr. Barzilay is also on the Board of Directors of Future Media, a CD/DVD replication company that he co-founded. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing from California in Northridge State University.

Abe Sher

Mr. Sher is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Aqua Sciences, Inc., a Delaware corporation involved in the development, manufacture and sale of advanced water technology products and services. Under Mr. Sher's leadership, Aqua Sciences has developed and is currently selling innovative atmospheric water generators that will generate drinking water virtually anywhere on the planet, including deserts.

Mr. Sher is the founder and was previously the Managing Director of Slingshot Ventures, and has been actively involved in the financing, launch and operation of several innovative technology companies. Mr. Sher has been on the Board of Directors, served as CEO, Managing Director and/or advisor to several publicly-traded and privately held technology and telecommunications firms over the past 15 years.

Mr. Sher was most recently on the Board of Directors of Magfusion, Inc., a world-leading MEMS (micro electromagnetic switch) technology company in Chandler, Arizona, (recently sold to a major international electronics firm), and is currently on the Board of Lumio, a revolutionary virtual interface technology company. He also advises several other technology companies.

Mr. Sher began his career in the private practice of law in Los Angeles. He attended UCLA, earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, and a Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Foster Chiang, Director and Business Strategy and Planning Division TPK

Attended the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, where he earned an undegraduate and Master's degree in Business Administration.

Freddy Raitan, President and CEO, Lumio Inc.

Attended Boston University where he earned a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. See management for further details.